Matchstick or candle?

One day a matchstick came to the candle: “I have an assignment: I’ve come to ignite you.”
“Oh no,” said the candle, “not that! When I start burning, my days will be numbered. No one will evermore be able to admire my beauty. ”
The matchstick hesitated briefly, but asked anyway: “Do you want to stay cold and hard for a lifetime without ever having lived?”
“But burning hurts and it will cost me strength”, whispered the candle insecure and full of fear.
iStock_000019275513XSmall“That’s true”, replied the matchstick. “But that is precisely the secret of our vocation. We are created to give light. I can only do little and if I don’t ignite you, my life will have had no sense. I’m here to give fire, nothing more. You’re a candle. You’ll give light and warmth to others. Everything you give away by your suffering and strength, will transform to light. You’ll never be forgotten, even if you once pass away. Others will forward your fire. You are only going to perish only if you renounce yourself. ”
The candle, now full of expectation,  straightened its wick: “Ignite me, please!”